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The Truth about the Brooklyn Bowl Owners/ABC Properties - Alex and Arthur Cornfeld**

Alex and Arthur Cornfeld of ABC Properties in Midtown, have been guilty of “hostile takeovers” of local businesses, slum-lord landlord policies, doing work without proper permits, and ruthlessly harassing and slandering anyone who calls them out on their underhanded tactics.  ABC Properties and Associates undermined the ability of Eric Richmond of the Brooklyn Lyceum to fair legal proceedings when they attempted to buy it at auction, and they are being accused of fraud, judge fixing, and perjury by others in their tenant association at their 2020 Broadway address.

Alex and Arthur Cornfeld are ruthless oligarchs who buy political power and recklessly work the system which is supposed to afford justice to those who cannot afford expensive lawyers.  Cornfeld Jr is now misrepresenting his ex-partner as mentally ill and with a criminal record in order to get full custody of their two children. GET THE FACTS!

**Brooklyn Bowl is a Corporate Entity in which the Cornfelds hold shares.